T Subba Row 1856 - 1890




T Subba Row was born on July 6th 1856 at Colcanda in Southern India. He studied at Madras Presidency College and graduated with a B.A. in 1876. He Worked as the registrar of the High Court of Baroda State for one year. He then came to Madras and studied law for one year. After completing his law degree he jioned the English run law firm of Grant & Laing and qualified as a lawyer in 1880. He practiced law at Madras.


During this time he corresponded with HPB, Colonel Olcott and Damodar K Mavalankar and became a member of the T.S.


Subba row has a deep knowledge of Sanskrit and a clear understanding of the Indian scriptures. He had occult powers and a deep spiritual knowledge which he attributed to the education received in his former life. His spiritual teacher was Master Morya and he had connections with other Ascended Masters.


Subba Row died in 1890 at the age of only 34 leaving his 24 year old wife with no children. On the day of his death he permitted his wife to adopt a son after his death, which according to Hindu tradition is a must for a man about to die to provide someone to conduct his funeral rites.


Subba Row declined an offer to work with HPB on the Secret Doctrine in the belief that the secrets of occultism were so sacred that the world was not ready to receive them.




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Notes on the Bhagavad Gita


First Lecture





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